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6 Explosive Advertising Campaigns

As the spooky campaigns of Halloween fade into distant memory, the nation now turns its attention to the next weekend of pagan entertainment; Bonfire night! Now I could focus this blog on the implicit…

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How To Supercharge Your Agency Brand

Network Marketing were at the Royal College of Nursing on Wednesday 14th as lead sponsor of “Supercharging Your Agency Brand” alongside the on the Edge Media Group. Approximately 100 delegates attende…

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What's the ROI of Your Mother?

It's no secret that the digital age is constantly evolving. We can do everything from order our weekly shopping on mobile to watch the latest blockbuster movies on our tablets. These huge developments…

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Brand of the Month - Under Armour

Founded 19 years ago, American sportswear and accessories supplier Under Armour have very quickly, and quite stealthily, put themselves in the spotlight for most watched brands. From humble beginnings…

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