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Graduate Consultants: The Beginning

The time has come. Three months, three hundred candidates, just four seats in the office. With desks polished and phones on hold, our fired up and raring to go Graduate Consultants have arrived. It’s…

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Is Direct Mail Dead?

With the digital marketing revolution in full flow and email usurping snail-mail you could be forgiven for thinking that there’s no place left in the world for direct marketing, or direct mail, to be…

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Network Marketing: The Intern

Alexander Coates takes on an Internship at Network Marketing. Twenty year old Alexander Coates has been here at Network Marketing Towers for 2 weeks doing work experience during his summer holidays fr…

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Friday Lunch In Leeds - Week 3

So, as you may know from previous blogs, us Leeds folk are quite partial to a Friday lunchtime out, the topic of which is generally discussed from Wednesday onwards…this week we were super organised a…

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Our Top 10 Quotes for Success

Whilst we're all deluged with LinkedIn messages, tweets and Facebook updates with inspirational quotes, here at Network Marketing Towers we still love to read them to get us motivated, driven and pump…

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2014 – The Year of The Graduate

Here at Network Marketing we are in the final stages of our Graduate Recruitment Campaign for our Academy which starts in September 2014. We were comforted to read this article about LinkedIn which l…

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Friday Lunch in Leeds - Week 2

The Bird & Beast, Leeds[/caption]Ohhhh we love a special treat on a Friday lunchtime and today’s treat was extraordinary! Our regular routine is that by about 9.00am on a Friday, Laura is eager to wor…

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Friday Lunch in Leeds

Great food plays a big part in our lives here at Network Marketing Towers. We all look forward to lunches, especially to Fridays, the start of the weekend and a chance for all of us to splash out and…

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