All about the journey – PM Forum Conference 2016 | Network Marketing

All about the journey – PM Forum Conference 2016

This years PM Forum conference, ‘All about the journey – delivering a great client experience in the golden age of marketing’, really hit the mark, as we find it does every year.

There were a number of great speaker sessions covering the likes of the future of the professions, the five elements of the golden age of marketing, creating a client journey that delivers long term loyalty and hot trends in Professional Services brands, digital and key account management.

Our key takeaways from the day:

1. The importance of story telling - Professional Services firms need to differentiate themselves and be memorable in their brand delivery. Take a leaf out of Google’s book (easier said that done we are well aware), like the Google Chrome: Dear Sophie campaign

2. Consider what exactly your clients will remember you and your services for – it is all about perception and brand, whether personal or company.

3. Evaluate first – stop thinking (aka guessing) what the client needs and starting asking them what matters most to them. Conduct a client feedback programme and start adding value.

4. By 2020 – what roles in the profession will be replaced by machine? The continued shift from craft skills to technology and the growth of accounting and legal software solutions replacing the human mind and judgement…what comes next?

5. Recruitment – we can expect to see an increasing demand for data analytic and insight marketers, helping to shape a company’s proposition, establishing how marketing campaigns can be delivered more effectively and speedily.

Lots to digest...


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Dan started his career in marketing and then moved in to recruitment in Leeds before taking the big step south to conquer the London market. After spending his youth on the rough streets of the North you're now more likely to find him in the City in meetings with the worlds leading legal and accountancy firms. Never forgetting his roots, he checks up on the Leeds United results every week and will be ensuring his young son grows up to support the Mighty Whites regardless of where they live!