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NM Blog   •   12/12/2014

3 Viral Hits That Changed Lives

It’s 2014. We’re in control of what we do with our devices whether it be to access emails, update our Facebook profiles or check the football scores. However, something we aren’t in control of is waking up to a day with something totally new (and by new I mean totally random too) filling the internet from Facebook feeds, Twitter trends and even online news headlines. These often short video snippets and clips might even be what keeps you looking busy through that rough Monday morning when we all know what we are really doing is searching YouTube for the latest Vitalyzdtv prank… So that brings us to our blog, and here we have gathered some of our favourite (if rather annoying) viral sensations from this past year. . So let’s get started…

Andy Tate

“ANDY TATE, ANDY TATE, ANDY, ANDY TATE, NANANANANANANANANA!” I presume you’re familiar with the name, the chant at Old Trafford and the viral Twitter and YouTube sensation that is Andy Tate. For those who still aren’t totally familiar with the name, this is Manchester United’s latest spokesman: Sir Andy Tate:


His hate of Louis Van Gaals predecessor “Moyseh” and the underperforming “Cleverleh” mixed with the internet’s host of creative minds makes Andy Tate definitely one of the UK’s most popular viral hits. With all the “blood passion, sweat and tears” that Andy put into his previous post-match analysis, he has graced the screen once more on his much anticipated comeback, this time with his views on the clubs recent rise in performance. He even has his own app. Hope you enjoy. Goodnight.

The Wealdstone Raider

Another football related viral sensation comes in the form of the mighty Wealdstone Raider. Again, some may not be familiar with the name but probably will be familiar with the videos. Here’s a reminder. “You’ve got no fans. You’ve got no ground” and possibly the most active phrase currently scouring the Twittersphere, “You want some?”. His online presence has earned him his own version of John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin Christmas ad. Give it up for The Wealdstone Raider! (parental advisory).

James White

Taking a step back from the football world, let’s look at James White- and this is a name we’re sure everyone is familiar with. The international stardom brought to the Asia based un-intended internet star has been huge with his videos and remixed clips raking in millions of views. The world is still unsure if James White even knows he is famous yet, but fair is fair, documenting his life in short 7 second snippets is awesome. I LIKE IT!

The reach viral videos have, often makes the lives of those involved different on a day-to-day basis.  Andy Tate is the perfect example of this. On his first video he was the only one around and was giving his views to a Manchester United fan orientated YouTube channel. On his second interview from earlier this week, he had fellow Manchester United fans chanting his name, asking for pictures and watching him give his interview to the same channel. He has become famous across Manchester and we can expect to see him again.

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