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NM Blog   •   29/06/2015

Network Marketing: Total Warrior’s 2015

If you’re familiar with us on social media, you’re well aware of our participation in Total Warrior 2015 on Saturday 27th June.

Total WarriorS

We thought we would hit the mud running and leave not a footprint behind, this wasn’t the case! With 12km of mud and obstacles in between, it was a real team test.


With obstacles with names like; The Trenches, The Human BBQ, The Alps and Slideaway, we were definitely not given an easy strip of challenges (The Human BBQ? Really?)


Despite the lack of energy, bruises, cuts, days of pain and aching afterwards and a general feeling of ‘Don’t ask me to do it next year’ we were all very proud of ourselves. The Network marketing and Book Recruitment girls had a blast on Slideaway, topping speeds of up to 80 MPH (so it seemed). Not to mention a real leader in MD, Jonathan Hirst being the only member of the team (and most other warriors) to successfully complete the monkey bars (an ego larger than any swollen muscles or joints in the office this morning! We won’t ask him about his time for the sprint section!).



Here’s what some of the team had to say;

“It was a brilliant day, the bruises this morning just serve as a nice reminder that as a team we’ve achieved something great!” – Will ‘Mud Menace’ Etherington


“Well, they do say on the website ‘’If you don’t like mud, water, ice or fire then it’s not for you’’. I have never seen or certainly been in as much mud & up to my neck in water in my life! It was a huge challenge…I have never laughed so much trying to get out of being “stuck in the mud”. - Emma ‘Water Wizard’ Thomson


“It was great day all round, after all the mud I’m not sure my trainers will ever be the same again but it was definitely worth it!”- Rhys ‘Road Runner’ Thomas


“I had a massive smile on my face when I woke up the morning after Total Warrior, remembering the challenges and the laughs we’d had all day…and then I tried to get out of bed and EVERYTHING hurt! A lot! Cant wait for #Warrior2016!”- Teejay ‘Fire Flinger’ Jones


We we’re honored to have raised over £300 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you to everyone who donated to a great cause (however next time, we’d like you to do the tough bit!).

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