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We're here to show you that working with specialist recruiters is better.

Hello and welcome to Network Marketing. We're a marketing, digital and creative recruitment business. We recruit for clientside and agency positions across most sectors and at all levels of experience from enty level to members of the Board.

In 2020, due to the pandemic we downsized somewhat and took time to re-evaluate what makes us different and successful. After more than two decades being one of the UK's largest specialist recruiters, jumping off the standard recruitment hamster wheel gave us the chance to reset and refocus on what we are best at - genuine partnerships with clients to find the very best talent for their teams. Not just the candidates who are most active in the job market, but from the entire talent pool.

Now as a small team of highly experienced talent acquisition specialists, we're starting a recruitment revolution and are ready to share with you an altogether better way of recruiting.

Working on roles where we were often one of many suppliers to clients and working on a fastest finger first approach to see who could send a CV the quickest didn't work for us, and we don't believe it works for candidates or clients either.

Let us show you that a true collaboration is the best way to recruit. It's different but unquestionably gets better results and guarantees every position we work on is successfully recruited. Curious? 

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