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12 in 12 Charity Efforts Get Even Crazier!

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It's well documented now that our consultant, TeeJay Jones is a little on the crazy side when it comes to sport and charities.  You may remember we blogged about her 12 hour squashathon (is that even a word) a few months back and now she's at it again. The latest mad idea is to swim 12 kilometers or 480 lengths (and that's not of the baby pool!) in less than 6 hours (for the purposes of this article let's call it a "swimathon" - we might even have a "wordathon" at some stage!).  Here you can see a short video of her experience and physical pain she went through over the 5 hours and 45 minutes duration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqT4oL-u3Do TeeJay is raising funds for the 12 in 12 Hope HIV Charity where they plan to change the lives of a complete generation of young people in sub-Saharan Africa. We certainly think TeeJay is doing a great job and hope she doesn't literally fall apart before the year is out! Good Luck TeeJay.


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