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2016 – the year that was (is!)

This year has certainly been something to behold with ‘shock’ election results, the death of a lot of well known and loved (as well as not so loved) public figures, terrorism, and a huge amount of civil unrest including race riots, to name but a few points. Even just taking a quick glance through the top 10 trends for the year on Twitter paints quite a picture:

  1. Rio2016

  2. Election2016

  3. PokemonGo

  4. Euro2016

  5. Oscars

  6. Brexit

  7. BlackLivesMatter

  8. Trump

  9. RIP

  10. GameofThrones

For many, it has been a year they are happy to move on from and start things afresh next year, away from the feelings of uncertainty and fear that have come to the fore throughout 2016. While for others it has been a wonderful year, but this is always the case as so many experiences are very personal and individual.

We wait with bated breath to see what 2017 brings, but are excited for what the future holds and keeping positive!




Lynne is our marketing manager and has worked in communications for more than 10 years. A proud Dub, (*Dublin, Ireland*), she has lived in the UK for over 6 years with most of this time spent living in sunny Brighton. New to Leeds, she is learning the Yorkshire way, although it is not diluting her accent at all. She talks about all things Network Marketing and The Book Recruitment, a lot, and via many channels!