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5 Signs It’s Friday in the Network Marketing Offices

We wait for it all week and it’s finally here. From the food and drinks to the office music – here’s a few signs that you can tell it’s Friday at Network Marketing!


Even if you love your job, everyone’s excited to see Friday morning arrive. There’s an extra spring in our step and people even hold the door open for you on your way in to the office.

Non- uniform day

In most cases, Friday’s dress down, so the boys in London can switch it up a little and let loose with the professional attire. They’re still super-cool though – always.


It’ll come as no surprise to regular readers that we love our food here at Network Marketing which makes Friday the main day for a “full cooked” from the local greasy spoon. An 8 piece brekkie from Jack-pots is a personal favourite of Mr. Hirst’s!

Music in the office

Save Adele for Monday, it’s all about the party tunes today fellow team mates. Tommy in London will be lining up a few old school hits like… Dire Straits ‘Walk of Life’. Really Tommy?


By 10:00am Manchester’s fine diners Charly and Hayley quickly move the conversation to lunch planning. There’s a bit of a theme. It’s either a dirty take away but more often than not people like to nip out to a trendy wine bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a cool café in Leeds’ West End or Philomenas in Covent Garden where they do the grubbiest burger.

After work drinks

Well, we say after work but the weekend starts a little earlier and we’ll occasionally be cracking open a Peroni or Prosecco. Once the weekend properly begins and the PC’s are powered down you’ll find some of the team in the usual haunts across Leeds, Manchester and London. Some of us will head off home to muck out a horse or chill in the village local. Something for everyone!


Keeping our brand in the hearts and minds of our clients and candidates is Kaylan's responsibility here at Network Marketing. Having joined as an apprentice in 2014 we're incredibly proud of the progress he's made. You'll find him most days with his head down doing research, creating content and sourcing great visuals but get him on the subject of Manchester United and you won't shut him up. He keeps our Manchester team young!