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5 Ways Recruitment is Like Being in Love

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As recruiters we love our job and all that comes with it. We also love all of our clients and candidates (well, most of them) as without them, we can’t do what we love most. So, even though we're no where near Valentines Day we thought we'd share our top 5 love/recruitment similarities.

Thinking about them non-stop.

Wondering what our candidates and clients are doing and hoping that they're thinking about us too is something that keeps recruiters awake at night. It’s a competitive game and we all want to know that we are the only thing our clients or candidates are thinking about…

Waiting by the phone.

Trying not to email them more than once an hour is tough but deciding when it’s okay to slip in the odd text is even tougher. Surrounded by technology how can you not question the lack of response?!

Fear of being let down. Are they really all they say they are?

So you’ve been emailing to and fro for a few days now… they know your requirements and you know their needs – wait a second? They said they had ‘X’ amount of experience… but now it’s not adding up. Where exactly were they? How can you ever trust them again?!

Fear of being left for a better offer. Their package is bigger.

At the end of the day money isn’t the only piece of the puzzle that makes a great package. In our experience 45% of marketing professionals looking for a new role were not motivated by salary but by career progression and new challenges.

Insane stalking on social media.

It’s 2016 and it’s rare any of us now go 5 minutes without using our favourite social networking site. This mixed with having an email or telephone exchange with a great candidate can lead to ‘light’ LinkedIn stalking… swapping Tinder swipes for LinkedIn connection requests.

Unfortunately there's no recruitment Ryan Gosling, but nevertheless if you're looking to take the next step in your marketing career - we're sure we can help! Check out our team and get in touch.

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