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A disability is no barrier to getting ahead in marketing

You may have spotted that we've added an “Accessibility” link to the top of our website? This helps people with disabilities access the marketing roles we have available, something which is very important for us.

We added this to the website by partnering with accessibility specialists Recite Me. The link ensures that candidates who may have a learning disability, sight or hearing problems or dyslexia can access the marketing roles they have available.

Recite Me’s software allows visitors to customise the website so that it works for them. As soon as they click on the Accessibility link at the top of every page the website displays text to speech functionality, dyslexia software, an interactive dictionary and even translation tool with over 100 languages among many other features.

Give it a go yourself it’s a really easy solution to use and the features add a lot to the overall experience of the site.

A disability is no barrier to getting ahead in marketing

Julie Story Director of Network Marketing said “We’re always excited about seeing new technology particularly when it helps our clients and candidates. When we were shown the Recite Me functionality we could immediately see how this would benefit many users of our site and it ties in perfectly with our commitment to diversification and equality. We’re delighted with the results and the decision to partner with Recite Me and believe it only strengthens our position of Recruitment Done Properly.”

Ross Linnett, Recite Me Founder and CEO said: “We believe this is a great step by Network Marketing because it helps them to help their clients attract and recruit more disabled people. Disabled people can’t always access websites to do basic tasks like view and apply for job vacancies. But, Recite Me lets more people from diverse backgrounds access Network Marketing’s website, which is excellent for its levels of diversity and inclusion.”


Richard is the CEO of The Marketing Optimist a specialist marketing consultancy based in Yorkshire. He specialises in helping businesses apply agile marketing strategies to deliver ROI.