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A Great Recruitment Campaign Taken to the Next Level

Categories: Recruitment

Working in recruitment day in day out there are few new campaigns, whether on or off line that cause us to stop and think. This campaign by Africa Health Placements, a social-profit organisation really did catch our attention though. Here's the background. Doctors are desperately needed in Africa.  Apparently over half of the 1,200 who graduate medical school each year leave for more lucrative jobs overseas. So the South African agency Boomtown created this innovative mailer. The direct mail package was sent to foreign doctors but instead of a forgettable leaflet it was something that can only be accessed by medical professionals. The mailer included a pressure-activated device with a message reading “place stethoscope here”. By pressing it with a stethoscope, a low frequently MP2 player was activated that could only be heard through the instrument. By requiring the use of something that every doctor possesses but the general public don’t, it created a great way to provoke curiosity and present information in a truly unique and targeted way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Zbl0NrPyqQ4#! We haven't seen any results for this campaign published but if you were involved in any way then do let us know. We hope it was supremely successful!  


Charlotte Rainey

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