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A holdall is for life, not just for Christmas

Twas the morning of 14th December when I set out on my usual commute from York to Leeds, unaware of the drama to come during the morning. “I’ll put my bag in the luggage storage” I said. “I’ll never forget it”I said. Fast forward to my elevator ride to the 6th floor of the West One building and a peak into my subconscious… “I’m sure I’m missing something. Yep, great. The bag is no longer with me”. Several internal expletives later, I seek the advice of my colleagues…



First port of call, the train company, no brainer! They’ll be able to tell the conductor to grab it and return it safely to York station for me to collect. Ha!

Second port of call, the ‘third party excess baggage company’. Slightly less of a no brainer but surely they’ll be able to help. Ha!

I have no time to wait for this valuable commodity of mine to fade away into distant memory! I again sought the help of my ingenious and wiley colleagues. Cue Rhys ‘the resourceful’ Thomas suggesting getting one of our Manchester staff to intercept the train and retrieve my lonely hand luggage! There was only one man for the job, so I called upon the mighty Jay Faulkner to commence mission ‘Save that Satchel’.



The mission was briefed to Jay and within seconds the wheels were in motion. Jay is no train company phone support staff and he certainly isn’t an online submission form so my confidence is high! He faced several challenges upon arrival at the station… who wouldn’t trust a young man asking if he can get through the train barriers with no ticket to go and take a bag off the train that doesn’t belong to him?! But no matter, no mountain too high, no valley too low, no train line staff too tough! Through sheer charm and ingenuity he teamed up with a helpful member of staff and passed the mission on to him.

Time was of the essence, but with some quick feet and a speedy sweep of the train, the item I thought was gone forever, was found, and began its return journey in the safe hands of Jay. Now spending some quality time with the Manchester gang it will soon be back in its rightful home!

We don’t just do recruitment properly… we do against-the-odds-bag-retrieval missions pretty solidly as well!



Our man-about-town, James manages to blend cutting edge fashion with professional business attire. Occasionally sporting a roll neck and tartan trousers, he's not only sharp in his dress sense, he's also quick minded when speaking to his clients and candidates. Rarely without a smile on his face, you'll find him at the coolest bars in and around Leeds after work expanding his 'network'.