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A Look Into The Smartwatch

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If you haven't gathered already, we love tech here at Network Marketing Towers. We've talked about Virtual Reality and recently reviewed 10 great apps for every Marketing Director. However, wearable tech has really come to the forefront over the past few months and we've got one - the new iWatch by Apple. But apparently they're not the only smartwatch on the market. One of our favorite brands, Samsung, has apparently had a watch for ages! In fact they are on their 6th gen! The Gear, followed by the Gear 2 NEO, Gear 2, Gear Fit, Gear Live and finally Gear S are the editions which Samsung have added to it's Smart roster but we just haven't seen anyone wearing it. None of our friends or even candidates in the marketing, digital and creative sectors have deemed them cool enough (or practical) to put it on their wrist.


However, our very own Marketing Recruitment Specialist, Teejay Jones was quick off the mark when it came to putting in an order to Apple and was one of the first to snap up the watch. Having stared at its general beauty for a few minutes (not to mention the amazing packaging) she soon got down to business and wanted to see it working. As you'd expect, the range of Apps compatible with the watch is astonishing. All of the talk after the recent google updates is about websites being optimised for mobile, it's clear that tech giants are already looking at developing and optimising for watch.


Many apps developed for the iWatch seem gimmicky to say the least; however, we spotted one that seems really useful and a great idea for the Smartwatch. It's an application developed by South Yorkshire firm, Peoplesafe. The app's aim is to provide ease of mind to people more vulnerable whether it is from lone-working or other circumstances. Peoplesafe enables you to send out different levels of alerts from your watch (not pulling out your phone in potentially threatening situations or meets) and messaging for help with either the voice activation or just a few swipes of the watch face. Levels of alert come in RED and AMBER, both providing aid with timers set before entering possible dangerous situations. This, to us, seems like an innovative and original idea which could prove 'lifesaving'.


We think this one might just have made it on to our Top Ten Apps article. Let's wait and see what the take up is!   Image Credits: Samsung, AndroidPit


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