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Amazing marketing opportunities in Malta

When thinking of your next career move I can imagine there are certain countries that don’t always spring to mind?

Malta is certainly one of those places but with its 10 months of sunshine, over 2000 years of history and a booming iGaming industry it is not one to miss out on!

Having made the move here myself I can tell you this; what is better than finishing your working day and wandering down to the beach for a swim, or sitting for a coffee in the sunshine until 9pm?

Many people are making the move to this glorious little island so you’re not going to be the only one. Here you will get a sense of community and build your network.

Thriving iGaming industry in Malta

There are a number of excellent iGaming companies we work with who are looking for talented individuals to join their teams, across marketing, digital, creative and development!

So not only are you provided with sunshine all year round, these companies offer a cutting edge working environment that drive innovation and endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the iGaming industry.

If the above has peaked your interest and you would like a chat about making a career move to Malta then please get in touch


Hayley really found her niche in life when she joined our creative sister company, The Book. From a classically creative background in surface pattern design she's brought that to a business where understanding your clients is key. Our Staffordshire girl is a regular on the Manchester social scene with Charly, also in the Manchester office, although she equally enjoys her holidays to the peace and tranquillity of Malta