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Amazing New Gym in Leeds Dock - It's Primal!


Being in the unfortunate position of having to use a gym to balance my otherwise excessive life of eating out too much and enjoying more than a few glasses of red wine , when I heard that a new gym was opening in Leeds City centre at the Leeds Dock (just near the old Alea Casino) I thought a free invite was too good to turn down. I go to the gym every week so thought I knew what I was letting myself in for - that was until I met Ollie - my trainer for the afternoon.

Primal Gym Leeds Trainer Ollie

Primal Gym Leeds Trainer Ollie[/caption] The gym is set up on 2 floors with heavy weights on the ground floor and the running track, boxing ring, punchbags etc on the first floor. It's really nicely set out with lovely changing rooms and showers.

Primal Gym Changing RoomsPrimal Gym Indoor Running Track 

Hopefully they will be able to maintain and keep them clean when the gym gets really busy. They have some really good ideas for getting people to get down to the gym regularly. For example, you pay less the more you attend each month, and all the trainers are employed rather than on commission. I'd recommend this gym - a really good set up, well run with great trainers. If you're considering that New Years resolution to 'get fit' and are serious about it then forget the other mainstream gyms or low budget offerings and come and see Primal, they will make sure you achieve your goals! Ollie still had me hurting 3 days later - always a sign of a good workout...


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