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Are We Really Back To '70's Style Advertising For E-cigarettes?

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So E-cigarettes have been around for a while now and as a non smoker I can only see the advantages and benefit to all. However as a professional working in the Marketing Industry I’m really disappointed by the tired and out dated approach to advertising. Its been so long since the ‘ban’ on advertising in the smoking sector it has been strange to see bill boards and posters again with the "sexy lady puffing away in a very seductive manner" theme. But this is my point; why are marketers taking the ‘easy’ route essentially using the same tactics as 40 years ago? I’m half expecting to see a very rugged cowboy on his horse rounding up the cattle smoking an e-cig! Come on – surely you can do better than this? Can you spot the difference??image001


The famous Marlboro Cowboy, coming to an E-cig store near you….?



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