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Aston Martin Going Ga-Ga?

Maybe we should have titled this "Are Aston Martin Owners Going Ga-Ga" after we read about the latest Silver Cross pram being produced exclusively for Aston Martin. Now, here at Network Marketing we do appreciate some of the finer things in life and certainly Aston Martin is up there with the best brands, so we can appreciate the synergy of this relationship. And, Silver Cross are iconic now in their own right so 'much respect' from us on their tie in with AM. I was fortunate enough to meet Alan Halsall at an IOD event last year and thoroughly enjoyed his down to earth potted history of the Silver Cross brand and where they are heading - clearly this latest move fits their overall strategy. We're sure the quality of the product befits the £2000 price tag and the exclusivity of having to buy it from Harrods - I may just have to pop in next week to have a look at it in the flesh.

aston martin pram


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