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Best Diets for 2013 - Network Marketing Style

Here at Network Marketing Towers we are at the epicentre of every fad diet you have ever heard about. We've stopped short of surgical operations so far but, in an attempt to be healthy we're looking at every way to cut those calories and get our bodies ripped for the summer! Some are traditional, others seem frankly a bit strange but everyone is achieving great results. So what are we doing? Among others... Emma and Jeannette are doing Weight Watchers, Jonathan is on an Aloe Vera cleanse and tone, Becks and Ange have gone for the Cambridge Diet, Julie's a Celebrity slimmer and TeeJay advocates no diets just good old healthy eating.  So, here is our summary on the diets we're doing and what's so great about them - perhaps you might want to try one...

Weight Watchers Every type of food and drink has a point value. You are weighed at the start of your diet and allocated a points allowance depending on your weight and height. It’s a very popular diet (in fact the one favoured by the NHS) and has achieved great results for many years. We like it because it is easy to follow, the support groups are helpful and it’s proper food. Shakes and meal replacements aren’t for everyone. If you've done it before but a while ago then try it again - the calculation is based on fibre as well now so you can have more foods!

Aloe Vera Forever Some people like the discipline of meal replacements though and this diet substitutes some of your meals for shakes. Have a shake for breakfast with some fruit and one for lunch. They give a real boost and our tester says that they power him through a gym session. They are mixed with milk, which helps to provide energy and makes them tasty. It helps to change the way you eat and reduce portions.It also allows you to eat what you want in addition - no strict rules - ace! 

Cambridge Diet You start off starving yourself during which time your body shuts down and starts burning fat (apparently) but it gets better - honest. You then get 3 shakes a day for 2 weeks, after then you can start introducing food and increasing calories. Apparently it’s quite hard to get used to just living on the shakes at first but the results are worth it. The Cambridge Diet is another one that helps to educate you about portion sizes. It's quite expensive but when you consider all the money you're saving on food and alcohol (if you stick to it...).

Celebrity Slim Now this is the one for us! Celebrity Slim is a combination of shakes (nice ones), snacks (really quite tasty!) and a small meal (plus wine - yeah!). The packaging is lovely, we are such suckers for good branding here at Network Marketing! It’s not a cheap solution but seems to be working so far… No diet Or, the final option that we’ve tried is no diet. This is what we usually revert to after a month or so of 100% commitment!! Instead, just follow instinct and eat what your body tells you. Don’t let yourself get hungry and eat regularly. Make sure it’s good, wholesome food and exercise. Get outside, see the sun and work up a healthy appetite. So, what's your view - have you been on diets, are you on one? We'd love to hear from you.


From setting up Network Marketing in 1996 Jonathan has been a regular on the marketing scene across the North. Being heavily involved in recruitment at the outset he spends more time now meeting potential clients and helping grow the business for the team. Being split across the Leeds, Manchester and London offices gives him the opportunity to spread the gospel according to Network Marketing! And he's really not as old as this makes him sound...