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Blog It Like Beckham...

David Beckham has made headlines this week following his announcement that he is retiring from football! Social media, blogs, press, TV – the story was everywhere you looked. As a fan of The Beckhams I thought it would be rude not to join the bandwagon and write a blog to mark this date in history, it is BIG news after all… So, in an advertising and marketing relevant angle (and taking inspiration from Marketing Week) here is a celebration of David Beckham’s career in, errr, advertising? *Source: Marketing Week

1. Brylcreem (1998)   

2. Pepsi (2003)  

3.  Adidas (2003)  

4. Vodafone (2004)  

5. Police (2007)Police 

6. Armani (2009)   

7.  Intimately Yours by David and Victoria Beckham (2010)  

8. Sainsbury's (2012)  

9.  H&M (2012)  


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