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British Heart Foundation Ad Gets Us Pumped Up Today

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Being die hard Leeds fans here at Network Marketing Towers (well, maybe not Miles...or Tom...) we still have a big place in our hearts for the legend that is Vinnie Jones. His hard man reputation has only increased since his retirement from football with his presence on the big screen. However, many won't know that he has a softer side. His wife had a heart transplant over 20 years ago and now his latest job is featuring in an advert for the British Heart Foundation promoting compressions as a way of reacting to someone having a heart attack until the emergency services get there. Take a look at the full advert here: In our humble opinion t's a marketing stroke of genius and in using the Bee Gees 'Staying Alive' as a tune to time your compressions to we'd like to think they were thinking along the same lines as our good selves at Network Marketing when we chose Take That and 'Patience' as our hold music! Well done to Vinnie for supporting a great cause and for The British Heart Foundation for bringing a level of humour and clarity to what can be a complicated area.  


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