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Christmas TV Advert 2012 with John Lewis - it's a tear jerker!

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Ok, here at Network Marketing Towers we're an emotional lot, well, I am.  And , to be fair there's loads of adverts that I cause me to well up a bit! But this one takes the biscuit - and I can't quite work out why.  Take a look yourself. So, as Marketing Marketing Manager for this brand, (is it Kirsty Stevenson? Lucky lady!) what was the brief? Many other retailers are heading for the 'Mum' sympathy vote, others are donating all (well nearly all) of their TV advert production costs to charity. Also, what is it that tugs on the heart strings so much? Is it the journey, the bit of dirt scuffed on his face, or the present, or them holding hands at the end.  I don't know - but it's great. Well, it's got us talking, whatever it is. Enjoy. Jonathan Hirst


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