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CIPR Awards 2015 : Our Favourite Campaigns

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We will be attending the CIPR awards on Thursday and sponsoring the annual award for ‘Outstanding Young Communicator’ in which there’s a few very promising nominees to keep your eyes on! Being in the industry we often come across really innovative and amusing PR and experiential marketing campaigns from both big brands through to smaller operated businesses around the world. Attending the awards on behalf of our team will be PR specialists Laura Mallinson and David Walsh, agency specialist Becki Burton and Director of Network Marketing and The Book Recruitment, Julie Storey. Here's their individual PR favourites. Becki – Nestlé’s Naked Baristas We’ve written about this PR stunt before and it’s no surprise it’s popped up again. Nestlé’s Natural Bliss Café set up shop in New York for their eccentric PR stunt to promote their natural coffee-mate range. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp2mEY3QtlY Laura – McWhopper for Peace Day Opting for a bit of social media and online PR, Laura is fond of the McDonald's – Burger King rivalry which was brought to life on Facebook (surprisingly) around Peace Day.


David - Loch Ness' Monster PR Stunt (literally!) Steering away from brands, this PR stunt is quite interesting. Supposedly the famous Loch Ness Monster was invented in the pub by an ingenious publicity expert for the price of £150 pooled together by local hotels in an effort to drive up custom in the area following The Great Depression. Considering we're still looking for 'Nessie' today - we're guessing it worked... and still is.

loch ness

Julie - Friends Fest Arguably one of the most popular sitcoms ever, Friends was famously broadcast in the UK under E4 but is now carried by Comedy Central; a hub for sitcoms, stand-up and all that funny stuff. In an attempt to make a big deal of another replay of Friends, consisting of an astonishing 10 seasons and 236 episodes, Comedy Central hosted 'Friends Fest' a 5 day event which saw Monica's famous apartment recreated in East London. Aiming to generate publicity, we're guessing this did the job with tickets selling out within minutes of being listed.


So there's some of our favourite PR campaigns. Have one of your own? Let us know in the comments or alternatively - look out for us on Thursday and come say Hi! Image credits: PRWeek, telegraph, huffingtonpost


Kaylan Bland

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