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Content Marketing Masterclass at LinkedIn London

Having started as an apprentice at Network Marketing over a year ago I knew there were going to be great opportunities ahead for me in the digital and social media scene. The latest one was a trip down to LinkedIn head offices in London. So on Monday I headed down south to the big smoke for the first time, professionally or personally (I'm a true Mancunian through and through!) and headed to the West End for a deep dive content marketing session at LinkedIn's swanky, newly redesigned head 4 (1)

The thought of bustling offices in the busy London West End on a Monday may sound a bit daunting, but LinkedIn automatically nipped this stereotype in the bud when walking into their swanky, cool and very relaxed London themed offices.

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Complete with a red telephone box, ‘Big Ben’ and ‘Changing The Guard’ boardrooms (not to mention a couple of fully stocked fridges!) I was quite entertained… and hydrated!

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I had no doubt I’d be in for a treat as soon as I saw LinkedIn neighbored the Google offices who just casually happened to have the new Ford GT40 parked on show outside...

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If you’re lucky enough to be a corporate partner of LinkedIn then definitely take advantage of not only their very cool and fully stocked reception area, but their hugely insightful sessions on how to make the most of your personal and business pages! Keep updated by following our LinkedIn company page for marketing news, job search tips and the latest marketing and digital roles across the UK.

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Keeping our brand in the hearts and minds of our clients and candidates is Kaylan's responsibility here at Network Marketing. Having joined as an apprentice in 2014 we're incredibly proud of the progress he's made. You'll find him most days with his head down doing research, creating content and sourcing great visuals but get him on the subject of Manchester United and you won't shut him up. He keeps our Manchester team young!