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Creative CV vs Career Blunder

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Being a professional recruiter, the part of my job that I love the most is being able to help candidates present themselves in the most positive way possible to a potential employer and watching them grow in confidence when they go for a job they really want and are successful. That process often starts by consulting with them on writing a great CV. I saw this one on Pinterest this morning (loving this new social media platform by the way – totally addictive!) and it made me chuckle. If a CV is as creative as any of these landed on my desk I’d certainly remember it for a long time. But it does beg the question – how ‘out there’ is a too ‘out there’ on a CV? With a market saturated by CV consultants and recruiters, you could ask 10 different people and get 10 different pieces of advice and working out what works best for you as a candidate can be difficult. I love the creative element of the CV’s that this Pinterest article found but it has to be appropriate for the industry. I like to think about it like this - present yourself and your skill-sets professionally with a healthy dose of YOU to balance it all out. Our MD Jonathan Hirst, who is always full of good advice has a short video about writing a great CV. Have a look at it here. And of course, if you need any more support on producing the best curriculum vitae for your next marketing job then just give me a call. TeeJay Jones


From setting up Network Marketing in 1996 Jonathan has been a regular on the marketing scene across the North. Being heavily involved in recruitment at the outset he spends more time now meeting potential clients and helping grow the business for the team. Being split across the Leeds, Manchester and London offices gives him the opportunity to spread the gospel according to Network Marketing! And he's really not as old as this makes him sound...