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Day 3 Top Tips on Finding Your Ideal Next Company

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So, we've talked so far in Day 1 about identifying your specific skills and experiences and in Day 2 about deciding on a realistic next career step and a bit on career planning. Today we're looking at identifying those companies where you want to work and the types of research you should be doing. Often when we are searching for a new position we've got a picture of some of the more high profile companies that we'd like to consider working at. However, in our experience of finding people jobs, particularly in marketing, there are many more that are under the radar that you might want to consider, if you knew about them. Of course we're here to help with that process but you can also do some of your own work too. Geography is normally one of the major limiting factors in peoples' job searches so make sure you are clear about how far you're prepared to travel or indeed, if you are willing to relocate. There's little point in applying for roles at Cadburys in Birmingham, no matter how much you like chocolate, if you live in Ramsbottom in Lancashire and wouldn't dream of moving! A good way to approach the commute is to look at an old fashion map and, considering the road networks that surround you, look at a maximum of an hours commute - much more, in our experience, isn't sustainable long term.

Now more than ever there is loads of accessible information online that will be of benefit to you when researching potential companies. In fact, if you turn up to an interview nowadays unprepared then you're highly unlikley to make a great impression and hence not get the job. So, get yourself online. A quick google search and clicks in to the first three organic searches just isn't enough. What we're looking for here is some in depth research in to the company, location, culture, people and direction. Use all digital channels to your advantage. Most companies have a LinkedIn page these days so search that out. Referring back to our blog on Day 2, have a look at people who work there already and their skill sets. Do your current skills and experiences match up to theirs? Is it even a direction you want to go in? Whilst we do encourage indepth research there is a limit. We spotted this article, the interesting part was the following 'extreme research' that will undoubtedly unnerve your interviewer... 2. The Stalker Manifesto Researching online before a major event in our lives is pretty much second-nature to us now. Before you apply for a job researching the company is a given — but spouting off too much information is a sign of desperation and, frankly, creepiness! One candidate sent Steve Jones, VP of programming for Newcap Radio, a resume and cover letter that could have easily been used in a horror movie. “He knew my wife’s maiden name and the names of my kids. He referenced not only things that I had accomplished in my career, but family events that he should have no knowledge of,” Jones says. “Using social media, he had gone deep and done his research,” he says. Beyond creepy! So there's clearly loads of research that can be done when starting your search for a new role! On Monday we'll be going to work on that CV, the most critical part of the application for any new job! if you can't wait until Monday then have a look at our video on how to create the perfect CV.


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