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December, the new January for jobs!

We all know that the countdown to Christmas can be pretty hectic in marketing - whether in-house or agency, there’s always a lot going on. From those office social events to festive client meetings, it’s all hands on deck! Most people would think that starting a new role before Christmas is crazy talk but here at Network Marketing we believe it’s among the best of times to start a new role or have a candidate start at your company.

Now, here’s why…

Candidate benefits:

• Christmas is a sociable time of year and therefore a great time to get to know your new colleagues and build relationships – you get to join in the Christmas parties, and after all who doesn’t love a mulled wine or two?

• Many businesses quieten down work-wise during the Christmas period, so it’s a great time to get training done before Jan so you feel positive and motivated when starting your new role

• Make the most of the extra bank holidays over the Christmas period – who would say no to a few more cheeky days off?

To clients reading this – you must be thinking what are the benefits for us? Don’t panic, we have some for you!

Client benefits:

• Delaying a candidate’s start date can up the possibility of counter-offers or alternative offers from other companies. ‘Time kills all deals’ as they say!

• Having a candidate in straight away gives you the time to train them fully and do a complete induction so they get to know the new systems and procedures

• Christmas spirit! Everyone’s a bit more jolly in the run up to Christmas and high spirits in the office will likely make your new starter feel a lot more positive and excited about their move to you

So, whether you’re a candidate or client why wait until the New Year rush? We say don’t - ‘bah humbug’, get moving and start afresh now!

If you fancy having a chat about your recruitment or job needs, please do get in touch with us - we would love to help.


Working with Laura in the agency team Louisa is a natural with her great communication skills. Of course, we expected nothing less from this young lady, educated at Wakefield Girls High School and now living in a trendy Leeds city centre apartment. She joined Network Marketing with a strong background in sourcing candidates and is using all that experience to support Laura and the other Managers in Leeds.