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Differentiating Your Legal or Accountancy Firm

Changing jobs in the fast moving and competitive marketplace that is the Professional Services Sector is not just about the money and a snazzy job title. Candidates really want to know how different their potential new employers really are compared to those stereotypical images and descriptions some Firms still hold onto.

Whilst attending this years PM Forum conference it was refreshing to hear stories from the top marketers in legal and accountancy Firms on how some are really focusing on being distinctive, be it through technology or creating a compelling narrative to stand out. This, I think, is even more essential now, not just to gain a competitive edge over their closest rivals but in attracting top marketing and business development talent into their teams. Culture, values and personality will always play a key part in defining a Firms DNA but where Firms can really stand out is finding something that people are not aware of and promoting this in a creative and informative manner rather than using the same quotes we often see on corporate websites today. How many times have we come across “our client focused approach” or “our aim is to build long standing relationships with our clients” …. or buzz words of innovative, integrity, team work etc.

Candidates will, of course, still want to know the strategy of a Firm and where they are heading, but saying something different and relevant in a confident and bold manner or offering a potential new employee something that no other Firm does could be the deciding factor of engaging with and ultimately attracting the next, top professional services marketer into your business. 


Dan started his career in marketing and then moved in to recruitment in Leeds before taking the big step south to conquer the London market. After spending his youth on the rough streets of the North you're now more likely to find him in the City in meetings with the worlds leading legal and accountancy firms. Never forgetting his roots, he checks up on the Leeds United results every week and will be ensuring his young son grows up to support the Mighty Whites regardless of where they live!