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Digital marketing & measurement - setting up a framework

Setting up a framework in order to be able to track successes, areas where tweaks are required etc is key – whether it be specific projects, or the overall running and wants of your website and digital campaigns. It’s easy to send content into the big bad scary world wide web without seeing the results you may have been hoping for.

By putting a structure in place, outlining objectives and purpose you will be able to see clearly what is and isn’t working, editing your activity accordingly.

A really great, and straightforward, example outline for going about creating a digital marketing and measurement model is by Avinash Kaushik (a self proclaimed digital marketing evangelist). He recommends the following five steps in order to achieve a plan (I am calling it the 5 identify’s in my own head):

Step one – identify the business objectives and set parameters for the work to take place

Step two – identify clear goals for each of these business objectives

Step three – outline the KPIs (key performance indicators)

Step four – identify targets for each of the outlined KPIs


Step 5 – identify the segments of people / actions / outcomes so that we can measure success (or not!)

It takes time to compile this level of information and may seem like it is more hassle than it’s worth, but being able to effectively track activity and what is an isn’t working should be at the very heart of any digital activity – online platforms allows for you to adapt as you go. I look forward to giving this a go…




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