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Does the World need another Social Platform?

Everyday we use different social channels to digitally engage with peers and share content. Whether it’s using platforms like Twitter for news, Instagram to share photos or Whatsapp as a general substitute to the near extinct SMS. However, what determines the need for more social platforms? Has everything not already been covered… several times in fact?

The market is clearly saturated already.

Here are the 6 most popular social networks on the market along with their Play Store downloads (which are no surprise).

Facebook (1,000,000,000) • Facebook Messenger (1,000,000,000) • Whatsapp (1,000,000,000) • Instagram (500,000,000) • Twitter (100,000,000) • Snapchat (100,000,000) • Yubl (500)

New instant messaging app Yubl has surprised the market with it’s massive $20m pre-launch finance from investors. Whilst the functionality of the app ultimately makes sense, is it joining the race too late? The millions in backing has only managed to stretch Yubl to 500 downloads so far… not 500m… 500.

Are social networks only truly successful when they grow socially?

The prime example being Facebook, started in a Harvard dorm by 5 students with little to no initial backing. It’s now (although not the first social networking site) considered the face of social networking with a 2010 movie based around the process of them starting to now owning fellow social platform, Instagram, which has taken Mark Zuckerberg’s arsenal of social networks to over 2.5bn downloads.

The formula for a successful social network seems simple. There is no $m backing that can help – if the people see value, they will use it, regardless of marketing strategy. People want to socialise with friends online? Facebook. Share photos? Instagram. Instant message people in your address book with ease? Whatsapp. There is no denying these ideas are simple and that it’s ultimately the execution of that simplicity which has made them apps used by 1/7 of the planets population.

Is it time for social start-ups to call it a day? Have all our needs (so far) been delivered by the boat load and we’ve finally picked our winners? There’s no sign of Whatsapp and Snapchat being uninstalled from our devices anytime soon. Or is there?


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