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Does winning a marketing award increase your chances of landing a new job?

At Network Marketing, we are always looking for the best marketing candidates to place with our clients, and we ensure each of our candidates stand out from the crowd. Clearly, winning an award adds something to your CV, but applying for them can take a lot of time and energy. So, are there real benefits? Could winning a marketing award help your career?

The short answer is yes. We think there are many benefits to having an award under your belt, and here are the reasons why:

It makes you more appealing to employers

Awards show that you deliver work that is market-leading and innovative, and that you’re the best in your field. It also proves that you’re ambitious and you want to succeed.

It brings your CV to the top of the pile

Shout about the fact that you’ve won an award – put it in the header of your CV or in the subject line of your email. After all, if you were choosing between Account Directors with similar skills and experience, wouldn’t an “Award-Winning Account Director” stand out more than “Account Director”? It’s by no means a fail-safe, but it can help to grab attention and nudge people in your direction.

Wining marketing award

It evidences your skills as a marketer

Our clients want to employ energetic people that will constantly stretch themselves. Winning an award shows that you are at the top of your game and that you’re ranking first within the industry too. It highlights and evidences your attributes and backs up many of the positive things you will say about your skills in your interview.

It helps you to stand out

The marketing field is incredibly competitive right now, so you need to have ways to show and prove, your abilities. Applying for, and winning awards, helps you to stand out from the crowd, and it makes you more employable. You never know who you’ll be up against when it comes to selection, and this could be the thing that nudges you ahead of someone else.

It helps businesses too

Businesses like to have team members on board that will enter awards because it helps to raise their brand and their profile. It gets their name out there, and increases credibility and customer recognition; it’s free marketing.

It can increase your salary and job level

Winning an award can help you to earn a higher salary and prove to employers that you’re ready to go up to the next level. It gives you recognition for your skills and work, not only to employers, but also to yourself. It can be an amazing confidence boost, which might be all you need to push yourself to achieve even more going forwards.

An award is a great asset to have and it might just tip the balance in your favour when it comes to getting a new job. So, if you’re thinking of going for an award, then do it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Richard is the CEO of The Marketing Optimist a specialist marketing consultancy based in Yorkshire. He specialises in helping businesses apply agile marketing strategies to deliver ROI.