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Don’t let your digital profile ruin your job prospects!

With 70% of employers snooping candidates’ social media profiles during the recruitment process it’s never been more critical to make sure your appearance online matches your interview. Whilst it might seem a bit weird to google yourself, statistics show that nearly three quarters of employers are doing exactly that with the aim of getting a better insight in to the person you really are.

How do you shape up?

Questionable posts, photos or comments that you’ve posted in the past may well come back to haunt you so we’ve put together this simple test that will make sure you’re ‘recruitment-ready’?

1. Google yourself

If you want to get a grip about how you look online, then start with a Google search. This is a good way to find out what people will see about you when they search (which they will).

2. Audit

Next, it’s time to do an audit. Check through your history and old posts on Facebook and your other social accounts. If there is anything that gives a bad impression, or you’re not proud of, then delete or hide it from your account.

3. Limit access

Check your privacy settings and make sure they’re appropriate for all potential audiences including prospective employers – don’t allow something that’s been said privately come back to haunt you.  Saying that, employers would probably expect you to have some open profiles otherwise that might raise alarm bells so choose which ones you want them to see.

4. Delete inactive accounts

Go through all of your old accounts and if you’re not using some of them, delete them. The fewer accounts you have, the easier they are to keep track of.

5. Consider usernames

Accounts you set up when you were younger may have humorous, playful usernames, which was fine at the time. However, potential employers may judge these negatively considering the role you’re going for. Make sure all your accounts and usernames line up with the impression you want to give people now.

6. Be careful

After you’ve gone through everything and are happy with it, make sure you’re constantly aware of what you’re saying and sharing online going forwards. If you’re posting something in retaliation, or in anger, take a breath, think about it, and consider whether it really is the best way to deal with the situation.

Looking for a new role can be an exciting opportunity for you, and a great step forward. Don’t let mistakes from your past catch up with you. We’re always ready to help you move forward in your marketing career. Get in touch now if you have any questions, or to see how we can help you.


Richard is the CEO of The Marketing Optimist a specialist marketing consultancy based in Yorkshire. He specialises in helping businesses apply agile marketing strategies to deliver ROI.