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Ever Been Spooked At An Interview? Here Are Our Top 5

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The interview has to be the stage in the recruitment process where the nerves really kick in for most candidates. In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d ask some of our candidates what parts of the process have spooked them most and here are our top 5 responses. Awaiting your fate The wait before hearing your name called, the little bats flying around in your stomach and the nervous thought of not being nervous (that makes you even more nervous!).

Simpsons scary seat

Bringing up skeletons from the past The talk of your previous work and any gaps in your CV, bringing up the past can be quite daunting in an interview situation.


Acting like a Zombie You're there to see if there's a good culture fit between you and the company. Lighten up! They won't bite... (we hope!).

zombie bored

Don’t get caught up on how much your screams are worth The money question can be a common yet awkward topic to discuss in an interview. Don't be startled on the spot - play it cool!

ghostbusters money

Soul-sucking eye contact This is where you have to hold your own. Maintaining good eye contact throughout shows you are engaged. Note: Unless you’re interviewing to work the front desk at a Transylvanian castle- blinking is strongly

advised. dracula eye contact

We want you to do great job in the interview and we'll offer you all the advice you need beforehand so you can walk out of your interview with confidence that you have performed as well as you possibly can.

happy dance

If your current role is a horror story or you simply fancy a new challenge - check out some of our latest roles. Image Credit: giphy.com


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