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Feel Good Blog - Ted Williams

Categories: General Interest

After statistically the most depressing day of the year (Monday 17th Jan), (although some argued yesterday that September was more depressing based on social media traffic trending 'suicide'!) I thought I would write a blog about something with a feel-good factor. I'm sure most people would have heard about Ted Williams. Maybe you dont recognise the name, however I'm sure you'd recognise the voice. Ted Williams became an internet sensation when as a homeless man he would use his amazing voice in exchange for change from passing motorists in Columbus, Ohio in the US. A passing Videographer decided to record an interview with him, during this interview he demonstrated his accomplished radio promo voice. The interviewer then decided to post the video on Youtube. Due to this, Ted became an over night sensation. Soon News networks from around the globe picked up on the story, and so his popularity grew. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rPFvLUWkzs&fs=1&hl=en_GB] As of today Ted has recieved numerous job offers from the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a local radio station, and the owner of Cadbury's, Kraft. Its great to see someone being given a second chance in life. This just goes to show, no matter how far you fall, there is always a chance that your life can turn around. Thanks for reading this. I hope it had the same affect on you as it did to me.



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