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Greenpeace Goes a Step Too Far?

Some of the more avid followers of our blog here at Network Marketing Towers will remember we shared one of the adverts from the superbowl we loved, the VW Darth Vader Ad. Take a look at the original blog post here. Well, our good friend @phildean1963 (deanoblog) on twitter posted a tweet this morning about a Greenpeace spoof on the original VW Ad.  Apparently it's been removed from youtube ..... and then reinstated with a rather sinister statement - "There is no delete button on the internet. Delete me, and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. #lulz" Now, we're all impressed with the ad, it's extension of the VW principle, creativity yada yada yada but is this really what Greenpeace should be spending their hard earned chuggers money on?  No doubt someone 'in the know' will say that the ad was produced for free by an agency as their support to Greenpeace's cause however, does anyone really think that this ad is going to change people's purchasing decisions relating to their car?  We're not convinced. So - there's now no delete button on the internet - you can't throw out content and then just pull it back in when you want, or vice-versa, have something taken down just because you don't like it. Not sure where that leaves us though - are you?


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