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Greyhound Rescue Charity gets NM Support

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In a very brief update to our post a month ago about supporting Tia Greyhound and Rescue Centre charity we are please to announce that Network Marketing and The Barking Lot based in Wetherby raised £166 for the greyhound rescue charity. "Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue would like to thank Network Marketing for their generous support matching the money donated by customers of The Barking Lot in Wetherby. They were able to donate a total of £166 pounds to help the dogs in our care". Debra, Tia Greyhounds.   We all feel it's a jolly worth while cause and are keen to spread the word!  Their annual open day is coming up in May 15th where they'll be raising much needed funds - check their website for details - there'll be more than 100 greyhounds and lurchers there - it's a great sight. See a link to their website here. Please support them however possible. Jonathan Hirst


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