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Happy Birthday LinkedIn! #WhenIWas15

In celebration of LinkedIn turning 15, we’re sharing what we wanted to be when we was 15…

Jonathan Hirst – I was told by my careers advisor at school that I should train to be a Fish Farmer… That was computer algorithms in 1996 for you!

Tommy Castleman – When I was 15 I was running a lottery in school (I also got the teachers playing) and I had grand dreams of taking the Moorside Lotto national #schoolslotto #illegalgambling - In short, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Angela Hough – I always wanted to be a Vet – I even got a BTEC diploma in dog grooming!

James Walker – A Stand-up Comedian because my mum always told me I was dead funny and my singing voice was only good for the shower LOL

Rob Booth – I wanted to play up front for Man United, in fact I still do

Molly Thornton – I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, I used to draw clothes (not very nice ones I have to say) all the time!

James Pickering – A Formula One Driver but he couldn’t reach the pedals (said JW the stand-up comedian in the making)

Becki Burton – A Physiotherapist but then I found recruitment and never looked back

Emma Thomson – I really wanted to be in the police force but I was too short ☹

Shelley Wright - I wanted to be a Nurse!

Julie Storey – A Creative Recruitment Consultant of course! (HAHA)

Jonathan Robinson – When I was 15 I wanted to be in the Park playing football and drinking beer

Nadia Hemmings – I always wanted to be either a Teacher or in Marketing (and I’ve done both!)

Hamzeh Mahmoud – When I was 15 a wanted to be a diplomat

Faye Dixon – I desperately wanted to win The X Factor and even auditioned twice!

Rhys Thomas – I wanted to be a Footballer until I realised recruitment was better

Harjit Dlay – To be in the Olympics!

Jeannette Hirst – I wanted to be in textiles and I’m still living that dream through www.stampinwithsaffieandme.com (when I was 5 I wanted to be a Nurse because I liked sewing!)

Ashley Collins – I think I wanted to be a Physiotherapist… Can’t remember why but I did end up doing my NVQ level two in massage and complementary therapies a few years ago!

Laura Mallinson – A Graphic Designer

Laura Pargeter – When I was 15 I wanted to be a Vet, although the flaw in this was that I wasn’t good with blood.

Izzy Carnell – I wanted to be in the Jungle Book (King Louie)

Andrew Haldenby – When I was 15 I wanted to be left alone :).... In the SAS

James Dixon – When I was 15 I aspired to be a Builder- much like the man himself Bob

Sarah Varty – I always wanted to be an Air Hostess

Andrew Royston – I just wanted to be Cristiano Ronaldo (it was really Justin Bieber but he was too embarrassed to say)

Gen Larkin – A contemporary dancer, wish I had been, I’d be loads thinner.


Molly joined Network Marketing’s Leeds office on a years placement as part of her university degree in Marketing Management. Her love of social media will mean you'll regularly find her updating our Twitter page or posting on our Instagram story! When she’s not working you will find her spending too much money on makeup and having a good BBQ- pass the Pimms!