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Have Leeds Trinity Missed A Trick?

I walked past the new Leeds Trinity shopping arcade when it opened a week or so ago (I didn't venture in...) and it was packed. The great and good of Leeds were there including the new "Mr Leeds", @stuartclarkeuk reporting on this most momentus occasion for Leeds. One of the big draws apparently was the Apple shop. Now, if you've ever been to London you'll no doubt have got a tube to Oxford Circus and headed down Regents Street for 20 yards and taken a stroll in to their flag ship store. Big deal. All the stuff you already have at home but in a big, nicely lit unit. If, like me, you're not that bothered about Apple per se but do like an ipad then you probably got as far as looking in, thinking it looked nice, and then carrying on your merry way. The marketers and brand managers certainly get their 'experiential'part right when they did the work on Apple. However, I have heard on good authority that, when the Apple shop opened that morning, the crowds rushed in screaming, shouting and dare I say 'whooping'! Now, call me old fashioned, but we're not in America here. Or London. This is Leeds. Apple haven't launched any new products as far as I know. There's no sale on. You can't suddenly buy something in Leeds now that you couldn't before. So why the drama? Well, perhaps they thought they were going in to this shop instead... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3rNQ2pTyAY Hats off to Fold7. This made us giggle, we hope it did you too, Happy Easter.


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