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Homelessness And The Many Uses of Cardboard

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As regular readers of this blog will know we are avid supporters of Simon on the Streets and the great work they do with limited resources to support homeless and rootless people in and around Yorkshire. With little of no marketing budget they seem to produce some great campaigns that really get you thinking, supported admirably by a range of business, in particular McGrath Rainey Laird. The latest campaign is a really clever twist on the uses of cardboard - specifically related to either sleeping on it or using as a beer mat. The campaign encourages people who have used the beer mat to make a text donation to the charity, something perhaps more likely as the consumption of alcohol increases. I know that homeless charities have to be very careful about the use of alcohol references in their marketing however this was a really clever and exceedingly well executed project and I hope it produced some great results for the charity. I'll certainly be making a donation next time I pick one up.

SOTS Beer mat 1


SOTS Beer Mat 2


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