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How Will Facebook's 'Dislike' Button Affect Brands?

"I wish Facebook had a dislike button." This is something that's been bouncing around planet Facebook for years, but does anybody actually mean it? For those of you that do, you're in luck as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the feature will be added to the site to give users "the ability to express empathy". They obviously lack this from users already... The big question is where does this leave both users who don't approve of the feature and of course brands who use the platform to distribute content? As there is not much detail surrounding the feature yet and there's been no suggestion of having the ability to turn the setting off.

Personal use If you're against the addition of a dislike button on your Facebook updates, will you still keep using it? You may finally take that step in making your Twitter more active as Facebook, as much as they hate it, aren't the only option anymore. The billion-user network may not take a total plummet in users but is it really worth running the risk of upsetting the ones who have been there from the start? Granted, they'd have a lot more complaints on their hands when Facebook Frank gets upset with his 4 dislikes on a selfie with his beloved pug...

Brands This feature won't just cause complications (and potential disputes on personal accounts...), it will have a negative effect on brands too. With the huge following the Facebook pages of brands such as Nike and Adidas have on Facebook (both in excess of 20m), they could gather hundreds of thousands of dislikes on each post, suffering from a damaged image online.

Ultimately, we think the main issues for both the personal and brand use of the dislike button could include;

  • Promoting negativity
  • Increase in 'internet trolling'
  • Bullying
  • Complications between Facebook friends

This could be a 'make or break' experience for Facebook and with all the potential negativity we can't see it lasting too long. What do you think?


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