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I can confirm, Recruitment is done properly at Network Marketing.

What are your next steps? What do you want to be when you grow up? These questions become the social norms for young adults, but they are somewhat pressurising. With a clear focus on entering the business world, but no idea on how I could get in to it, I set about my week’s placement to see if recruitment could be for me.

Recruitment has always been on my radar so I contacted Network Marketing to see if they had any openings or work experience.

I researched the company for several hours with the aim of understanding their main roles and duties, their social presence and their USPs. And I can confirm after spending a week with them, it’s all about creating and maintaining relationships.

Getting everybody a job is the ideal goal as well as ensuring the cultural fit is right. It’s clear on the inside of Network Marketing it’s not all about KPI’s and the stigmas of cold calling. I was delighted to be offered a week’s work experience.

On Monday morning I had the pleasure of meeting the team at the Leeds office. I was set up on the system, trained on the phones and given my first task within an hour of walking through the door. My first task was a client research project which gave me lots of insight into the industry and the current clients Network Marketing were working with.

When working with Georgia, Network Marketing’s marketing executive, I was shown the steps and processes with regards to their social media and digital content. I got to understand how they use ads (either paid or non-paid), which scheduling platform they use and how they use graphics to promote jobs. I also did a research task where I looked at small businesses and their social media campaigns and how they could work for the company.

Admin became one of the main focuses each day. It helped me understand how organisation and information is vital for a company such as this one. One of the most valuable experiences during the week was conducting a candidate interview alongside Emma. It allowed me to gain an insight into the full recruitment process, and certainly was a  demonstration of how recruitment is done properly.

Throughout my short period at Network Marketing, I feel I have gained extensive understanding of the recruitment industry. The passion for recruitment at Network Marketing has made me think that this could be an industry for me to get into.

Network Marketing – Recruitment, Done Properly!