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Join in the Leeds Park Run!

Join in the Leeds Park Run – Roundhay and Hyde Park

Park Run is a free weekly 5k event, run by volunteers  all over the UK.  The runs start at 9am each Saturday – they’re really professionally done and you get emailed your time a few hours after the run – once you’ve registered you just turn up and run, its great! We’ve done the Hyde Park run a few times and last night we were invited to pilot a new run at Roundhay Park.  So, 4 of us joined the 40 odd other runners and went along to test the course.  For those of you who know Roundhay, you’ll know it is pretty hilly so it was a bit of a challenge and much tougher than the course at Hyde Park but nevertheless we all managed to finish it. If you do fancy coming along and joining us,   all you need to do is register your details on  You will get your own personal barcode that you need to print off and take with you.   Hyde Park is every Saturday.  Roundhay kicks off on Saturday 23rd April and every Saturday thereafter.   The Hyde Park event gets over 300 runners each week and we don’t think it will be long before Roundhay gets that big. For more info, check out – its  a great way of fitting in your weekly runs , meeting new people and striving for a new personal best each week!


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