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Kevin Hart Rides Along With Social Media

Social media has everybody talking. Since Facebook became a tool for business, along with Twitter and LinkedIn, social media marketing has driven conversation and marketing innovation across the marketing industry. New jobs have been created solely around social media marketing and global social ad revenues will exceed £25bn in 2016. Global ‘Comedic Rockstar’ Kevin Hart is not one to shy away from the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Following his latest tour and the release of Ride Along 2, he and co-star Ice Cube have been doing the promotional rounds, using Twitter to spread the word.

The stars have been crashing their own shows by turning up at screenings to meet the fans. They’ve traveled the globe meeting punters at cinemas showing the premiers of ‘Ride Along 2’ (which has smashed box offices and already dethroned Star Wars: The Force Awakens). With the popularity of this cast we doubt fans needed any persuading to go and buy a ticket to see the movie but if anything’s going to drive them to buy a ticket it’s the opportunity to potentially take a selfie with the biggest (not literally) comedian in the world and music legend, Ice Cube.

Of course, stars of films could have done this prior to the social media revolution but how would they have created the publicity and awareness that social channels like Facebook and Twitter achieve? How would they have created that ‘virality’ that social media enables us to do so easily? How could have they done it so quickly? You can hear this first hand with Kevin Hart himself stating in front of a packed pre-screening at Manchester's ODEON that "the beauty of our generation is social media" and this is helping them change the way movies are promoted forever. Our social media guy, Kaylan went to see Kevin in Manchester last night but was one of the many 16,000 sold out audience who didn’t manage a selfie. Maybe our London team will be lucky enough to see him roaming the city over the weekend! Media Credits: variety, mennewsdesk/Matt Ratcliffe



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