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Learning Life Skills in the Chippy Two Nights a Week!

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Before I left education I just wanted to work and earn some money! I had the usual paper round, babysat, worked in a chippy two evenings after school and at a busy café all day Saturday. All the above taught me so much discipline, general customer service and how to have a broader social awareness of my surroundings. I worked my socks off!

I started in retail, then account management and finally into recruitment. We always worked as a team, did as we were asked, learnt from our peers, made some lifelong friends, and had a great social life at the same time! This was in the 80’s and 90’s… yes it was a long time ago now.

Fast forward to 2023 and we know how much has changed over the years. Technology has changed the world. I get that.

However, it just amazes me when I speak to some of the current (generation Z) of junior/graduate creatives who are at the early stages of their career. Surely this is the time of life you need to be in a team, not in your bedroom in front of your computer!  Here's why...

· Learn from others on the go.
· Lean over the desk to ask a question and get some face-to-face advice.
· Meet people, embrace the team culture, and socialise.

Isn’t this a more productive way of learning? Team collaboration exposes you to a wealth of knowledge, diverse perspectives, and constructive feedback. The office environment promotes skill development, effective communication, and creativity.

By embracing the power of collaboration and embracing the advantages of being physically present, junior designers and creatives can speed up their professional growth and make meaningful contributions to the work of design.

So, when we’re discussing a fabulous opportunity that requires you to be in a studio/office more than twice a week, just think about the benefits. We know we can work from home/remote, however that could be something to look forward to in the future after you have some more experience under your belt. You are the future. #team #experience #growth #opportunity #creative #learninganddevelopment #peersupport





Our consistent top performer here at Network Marketing, Emma has spent the last 10 years or more building relationships in the creative space for our sister brand The Book. And now she's one of the (if not THE) most well known recruiters in this space in Yorkshire. Truly one of the nicest recruiters you'll find who gets more 'Thankyou's' from candidates than anyone else!