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Leeds Digital Festival 2010 - we're up for it!

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So, the big week is nearly upon us.  The highlight of the digital marketing calendar and the excitement is mounting. The Leeds Digital Festival 2010 starts on the 8th November 2010 and the organisers, both official and unofficial have done a great job in building the momentum for this event although initially there was a significant amount of trending on twitter that really wasn’t that positive.   There were initially ripples of derision from across the Pennines as the website launch appeared to be delayed and the communication around it was, well, patchy to say the least.  This was then echoed defensively by some more influential social media folk in the region that the whole week needed a major kick up the backside if it wasn’t going to be a complete disaster – perhaps a little dramatic but the sentiment was about right. Well, how wrong could people have been?  I sense a real flow of excitement about the week.  Agencies not usually involved in these events have really embraced what it’s all about.  Take the agency open day on the 8th.  Companies opening their doors to the young blood of the industry so they can see what life’s like in the real world.   There’s a social media surgery on the 9th and an interactive workshop with the Rising Digital team on the 10th. The Business of Digital, hosted by David Parkin of TheBusinessdesk.com will bring together thought leaders around the world on the 11th of November to discuss the impact of digital technology on our lives and businesses with some, no doubt lively debate.  And finally the week culminates with the DADI’s – the awards ceremony for the digital industry at Savilles in Armouries Square (is the Royal Armouries really not big enough to host all of this digital talent??)  Rajvir, Emma and myself will be there – will you? It’s sure to be a great week for the marketing industry in its widest sense in Yorkshire.  There's masses going on.  We’ll be blogging, tweeting and updating on LinkedIn each day about events – make sure you get involved and make it the best Digital Festival so far. Jonathan Hirst


From setting up Network Marketing in 1996 Jonathan has been a regular on the marketing scene across the North. Being heavily involved in recruitment at the outset he spends more time now meeting potential clients and helping grow the business for the team. Being split across the Leeds, Manchester and London offices gives him the opportunity to spread the gospel according to Network Marketing! And he's really not as old as this makes him sound...