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London Men's Fashion Week - What to wear for interviews...

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 Best of British - In true Network Marketing style we were closely following Mens Fashion Week last week and thought we'd update you on that all important interview attire that'll make you feel more confident when meeting your potential future employer. We're not suggesting you wear skirts to interviews (yes, these are 'Men' in the picture above...) however we will steer you in the direction of the sorts of clothes that will let any prospective employer know you mean business! Mens fashion has been going from strength to strength over the years with designers reaching further out to be bolder and braver while keeping a firm nod to classic silhouettes and fabrics. Having previously worked in this industry I was often asked how can outlandish catwalk pieces transcend to everyday wear? My answer is to take influences from the catwalk and look at designers such as Paul Smith, Ozwald Boeteng, Vivienne Westwood and Oliver Spencer (to name but a few) who produce ready to wear classics for the everyday consumer, although most of us need to hit that juicy bonus for guilt free designer threads! Taking a look at the trends from MFW I have put together a few of my favourites to take inspiration from and a few high street gems to invest in when you want to look your best whether that be a new job, a meeting with the CEO or simply because wearing some top cloth gives you that extra bit of confidence in the office.. Straight Off The Catwalk..

Mens Fashion Week

Reliable & Classic: Hardy Aimes

A European Influence: Angelo Galasso

A European Influence: Angelo Galasso

Our British High Street is something to be commended, we have shoppers that visit from all over the world for our fashions although ironically one of my favourite shops for both men and women office wear has to be Zara (Spanish). For me their last four seasons have been right on the money - quality trends thats will last and a great price point, for men especially they have one of the best ranges on mens suits…

 Zara Man Look Book Office Wear

Zara Man Look Book Office Wear

 Top notch tailoring at Reiss

Best of British - Top notch tailoring at Reiss

It's more and more difficult to decide what to wear for interviews as some agencies can be quite smart and some very relaxed. An idea is to ask your consultant their advice, chances are they have been on a visit to the offices and will have a good feel for what will be acceptable. However, if you feel you smart, the chances are that you will act smart so even if they do have a slight relaxed policy still stick to the brogues shirt combo. I found these gorgeous brogues recently (in fact my manager wears a pair very similar!)

Ask the Missus (great name)   Tan Leather Brogue @ Office

Ask the Missus (great name) Tan Leather Brogue @ Office

The best of Shirts..

Oliver Spencer - Clerkenwell

Oliver Spencer - Clerkenwell

EVEN men need accessories - and if you do live in the UK you no one should be without one of these…

Fox Umbrellas from Oi Polioi

Fox Umbrellas from Oi Polioi


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