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Marketing Recruitment in London - A New Era

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Hello London, this is Network Marketing calling. I’ve heard it be said that the 10 year recession hasn’t had the same impact within the M25. Well, I’m not sure that’s quite the case but if the apparent buoyancy of the market that we’re seeing is anything to go by then maybe it’s true. 17 years of successful recruitment in the North of England and with an increasing number of requests for help coming from southern based businesses over the past few years , we’re excited to announce that Network Marketing is expanding to cover the southern regions from a new London office.

Taking advantage of an improving economy (hopefully!) and the fact that we’ve been recruiting for more and more London based businesses recently, we’ve brought in Mark Foster to expand our footprint in this region. Mark has an outstanding record of working with world leading companies like Ebay, Amazon and Barclays to name a few. As well as dealing with senior marketing positions, he’s also worked at the high end delivering key ‘strategy’ personnel . Its early days, but we’re already seeing some fantastic opportunities in the pipeline and are amazed to see the types of companies keen to talk to us. From world leading telecoms companies like O2 to the ground-breaking and innovative mobile payments collaboration, Weve. We’re looking forward to Mark quickly growing the Network Marketing London team which will enable us to work with even more clients ‘Down South’. And, we’ll make sure those clients get to experience the good old-fashioned personal relationships that have served us so well over the past 17 years. It’s a really exciting time for the team at Network Marketing and we can’t wait to take on the busy London market.

Jonathan Hirst - Network Marketing Group


From setting up Network Marketing in 1996 Jonathan has been a regular on the marketing scene across the North. Being heavily involved in recruitment at the outset he spends more time now meeting potential clients and helping grow the business for the team. Being split across the Leeds, Manchester and London offices gives him the opportunity to spread the gospel according to Network Marketing! And he's really not as old as this makes him sound...