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Marketing’s Most Wanted Candidates: January 2016

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Looking for a new job is consistently in the top 10 for new years resolutions and 2016 won't be any different. We looked at the most in demand people in the marketing industry based on a survey of 10 national job board marketing listings. The results were very interesting. We looked at 10 of the UK’s top job boards. It may come as no surprise that digital roles made up a massive 50% of jobs currently available under the marketing section. 43% of these roles were at a junior level. However this doesn’t mean you should rule out traditional disciplines with brand and product marketing roles are still out there. There is a particular abundance of client side positions with 67% of roles surveyed being based in an in house marketing department. In conclusion, the 2015 digital trend continues in 2016 although perhaps these stats don't tell the whole story. Our clients are expecting candidates at all levels to be 'digitally native'. As a result we are seeing a demand for deeper brand understanding supported by that essential digital knowledge. Will 2017 see the term 'digital' phase out?

Most Wanted Candidates of 2016 FNL  

If you're looking to make the move, check out the latest roles on our jobs page. We wish you a prosperous 2016.


Kaylan Bland

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