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Marmite Cheese Slices - They Taste Like Feet!!!

Is this just really wrong? The idea that you could put marmite and cheese in to a slice an pre-pack it "ready to eat"? Here at Network Marketing Towers we just don't get it. Well, we did get it, just to try it, but the verdict's not good. Having taste tested them the general consensus is that they taste like feet - or at least what we imagine feet to taste like - if you know what we mean. Well, it seems we are the odd ones out. A quick google shows that people are actually asking Tesco on Facebook to get them in one of their stores because Morrisons has them on offer!

marmite facebook

What made us chuckle even more was the inspirational website Now - we know it's alleged the level of general education is on the decline but really, do we need to create a recipe for a Marmite and Cheese Toastie????? Hey-ho - each to their own but we'll be leaving the Marmite Cheese Slices on the shelves when we next go shopping...  


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