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Mashable on the Twitter Video Revolution

Twitter are making changes in the way they do things. It’s the video revolution – and about time. Twitter bought Vine in 2012 for what now seems a bargain at $30m before launching it in early 2013. It’s user base has grown to over 200m active users. They launched Periscope in January 2015 with the platform now hosting more than 2m daily streamers. We think the integration of all their networks in to Twitter will be a game changer. With user growth flat-lining at c 300m, Twitter is desperate to emulate the likes of Facebook and surpass the magical 1bn users mark. Will streaming live events and personal experiences help them reach that goal? Facebook are really rivaling YouTube with video and are generating a huge 8bn video views per day thanks to the autoplay feature that accompanies native video. Twitter have already taken the first step on the integration of video into users news feeds with Vine which has seen popular ‘Viners’ adopt celebrity status with the likes of Arielle Vandenberg, Rudy Mancuso and Nash Grier accumulating 7bn+ views between them.

Can Twitter do the same with Periscope? We think so. The marketing, digital and creative industry see events on a regular basis with keynote speakers from across the globe coming together and offering their input from the stage. Mashable discusses Periscope becoming integrated into Twitter which would allow delegates at these events to live stream and share their experience directly to followers, banishing the need to re-direct them to the Periscope site (which in social networking terms is called “hard work”).

We’re sure this addition to Twitter’s features will be a hit and thrive within the marketing, digital and creative sectors where events and keynote speakers aren’t a rare thing. Given this extra boost could Periscope rival the likes of TED Talks? We don’t see why not. Image credits: Pheed, Timesfreepress  


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