Mastering Marketing and Digital Job Interviews - a STAR studded guide! | Network Marketing

Mastering Marketing and Digital Job Interviews - a STAR studded guide!

The greatest value we can add to people’s job search in marketing, digital or creative is to help prepare them for interviews. We’re experts in recruitment in this field so won’t be putting you forward unless we think you can do the job, so once we’ve got you an interview and you’re in front of the client, it’s over to you!

Preparation for the interview is going to be key so follow this advice and that next marketing or digital role could be yours!

S - Setting the Stage with Situation

Picture this: you're in the interview hot seat, and the question comes your way—“Can you tell us about a challenging project you worked on?” Here's where the STAR model steps into the limelight. Begin by setting the scene. Describe the Situation—paint a vivid picture of the company, the characters (your colleagues and stakeholders), and the scene (the dynamic environment you were navigating). Think of it as the opening scene in a blockbuster movie. Lights, camera, action!

T - Task Unleashed: Defining the Mission

Now that the stage is set, let's dive into the Task. What were you required to do? Was it to boost sales, skyrocket web traffic, or perhaps redefine the brand's online presence? Be specific and crystal clear. This is the mission briefing, and your objective is to make it as enticing as a Marvel superhero's origin story.

A - Action Unleashed: Lights, Camera, Action!

Now, let's bring in the action hero—You! Describe the Action you took, and here's where a bit of storytelling finesse comes in handy. Structure it like a trilogy—start, middle, and end. What specific steps did you take to conquer the marketing dragon? Dive into the nitty-gritty details.

R - Results: The Grand Finale

The climax—the Results. How did your marketing spectacle influence decision-making? Did it leave an indelible mark on sales or web traffic? This is your moment to showcase the impact of your digital crusade.

…..Lights Dim, Applause Fades, and the Curtain Falls – you have smashed it (they might not applaud but you get the idea…)

As you bask in the afterglow of your marketing triumph, remember this crucial takeaway: preparation is the key. Tailor your STAR stories to align with the job you're aiming for. Whether you're the SEO sorcerer, the content creation conjurer, or the social media superhero, make sure your examples showcase your relevance and prowess in the role you're pursuing.

Preparation is the magic, it is what will set you apart from other candidates. It builds your confidence because you already know what you are going to say, and if it’s a Teams interview, even better, you can have some notes jotted down next to you to prompt!

Learn to prep for interviews well and they’ll become a source of enjoyment rather than stress!